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Your wedding day will certainly be one of the best moments of your life. One’s fondest memories always include the moment that they walk down the aisle to meet the person they’d be spending their life forever with. Without any argument, beach weddings are the most romantic ways to tie the knot. Thailand weddings are highly recommended for people who love beach weddings. This is because the country is surrounded with water and has some of the world’s most fascinating beaches.

Heavenly Turquoise Seas

thailand-weddingsPicture perfect beaches are only some of the best reasons why you should opt for a Thailand wedding. White sand, jewel toned waters, and tall coconut trees that sway with the wind will make an unforgettable backdrop as you say “I do”. The great thing about Phuket weddings or Koh Samui weddings is that you can be sure that the romance factor is high, from your wedding ceremony all the way to your honeymoon. Since the beach ambience is already breathtakingly beautiful, you can save on the décor as a stunning beach backdrop only needs very little accents.

Efficient Wedding Planners

One of the reasons to go for Thailand weddings is that you can find some of the most efficient wedding planners in Thailand. Note that the country is a wedding capital in the Orient, so basically most of its places expect weddings, and its hotels and resorts are more than happy to accommodate a Thai wedding. Packages vary from place to place but rest assured that you can easily find a Thailand wedding package most suitable for your needs and budget.

Lavish 5 Stars Hotels and Resorts for the Most Luxurious Wedding in Thailand

Whether you are interested in Koh Samui weddings or Phuket weddings, you will surely have a blast in choosing your wedding venue. While people choose a Thailand wedding because it is often cheap, those who have a lot of money to burn and who want their big day to be the biggest day of their life are more than willing to spend for the best wedding resort or hotel in Thailand. There’s Le Meredian and Centara in Koh Samui for conventionally grand venues. For a more distinct place to get married, you may consider The Library, which is also in Samui. For those who’d like to tie the knot in Phuket, a good place to try is Aquamarine Resort. This resort has one of the most coveted locations on the island, has amazing spa services, and a breathtaking scenery. It is most suitable for intimate Thailand weddings. Another stunning place in Phuket that offers really good Thailand wedding packages is Andara Resort and Villas. Whether you are crazy about sunset views or you simply want a one of a kind place to get married, this resort will not disappoint.

beeach wedding in ThailandMost Unforgettable Island Honeymoon

Perhaps the biggest thing every couple look forward to their wedding in Thailand aside from the ceremony is the honeymoon. Some of the most romantic and secluded beach spots in the world are in Thailand and if you love the beach and you want a change of scenery to further savor your time together as a couple, you need to be wise about your wedding destination. Whether you are planning to tie the knot in Bangkok, in Samui, or in Phuket, your Thailand honeymoon is bound to be memorable.

Perfect Weather for an Adventure

Speaking of honeymoon, Thailand seasons are nothing short of perfect to give you great ideas for your honeymoon. Of course, you can’t go wrong with spending your honeymoon chilling at the beach as you get the feel of the fine white sand against your feet. However, you can do more than that. A wedding in Thailand can give you plenty of really exciting honeymoon ideas such as trying some of the island’s extreme sports, sightseeing, cruising, hiking, safari adventures and so much more. The country’s temperate weather commands that you try to spend some time outside where you and your beloved can enjoy the sun and be one with the elements.

Foreign Marriages are More Than Welcome

Thailand weddings are some of the world’s most popular ways to seal the deal. This is because the marriage process is easier here than anywhere else. Even if you are a busy foreign couple who doesn’t have much time to spare in taking care of the documents, you can easily find a company to take care of the papers for you as you explore Bangkok. You just have to be sure that you are eligible to get married and you have the necessary supporting documents with you when you arrive.

Cheap Thailand Wedding Packages

A wedding in Thailand is highly preferred by couples who are on a tight budget because most beach weddings koh samui packages are easy on the pocket. No matter where you are in the world, you know that a wedding can definitely dig a huge hole in your pocket and may prompt you to dip way below your comfort zone. Instead of having a lavish wedding in their home country where you may be pressured to invite even your distant relatives, a good way to go easy on the budget is to have a destination wedding. Not all destinations are cheap though so instead of tying the knot in pricier places such as the Caribbean or Europe, couples see Thailand as a promising option.

Thailand wedding packages come in two kinds—a traditional Thai wedding and a Western style wedding. The latter is the kind of wedding you’d most likely have in your home country, from the ceremony style to the attire. A traditional Thai wedding is what the locals usually have and is based on Buddhist customs and traditions. The choice is up to you and you even have the option to experience both as there are wedding companies that offer both ceremonies in one package, which is a good deal if you think about it. In Thailand, weddings are colorful and romantic.

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